Didar forsidebillede

DIDAR – Didactics of dialogue and reconciliation

– international specialization for teacher students

In multicultural and post-conflict societies schools and teachers play a crucial role in the promotion of interreligious dialogue, mutual understanding and social cohesion. The aim of DIDAR is to develop teacher competences in facilitation of dialogue, peace-building and intercultural understanding. We think this is best done by practicing what we preach – so we focus on student participation, practical exercises in dialogue and cooperation with civil society organizations. Dialogue cannot be leaned in theory, it has to be lived and practiced. Therefore DIDAR combines theoretical studies with the development of practical competences and the fostering of inclusive attitudes to religious and cultural diversity. We base the program on the principles of equality in difference, mutual respect and human rights.

We invite participating, former and coming DIDAR students and teachers to engage in dialogue at this blog!




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