In the intensive week the students collect their impressions and reflections in study-groups and write reflective diaries.


Reflection diary for DIDAR week 45
By Pernille Egeblad Behrend, Joseph Bou Jaoudeh and Amaia Astiz Izeta

We have also reflected on the importance of these four steps in schools. We think that it would be important to work on this forgiveness process since the pupils are still young. This way, they could learn how to handle different problematic situation from an early age and it would be useful to them in the future.

Reflection diary – week 45
By Vanessa

I noticed a high level of contradiction when Tutu told us about the murder committed by her gardener; she said that she forgave him. Then she was asked if she would trust him again thus allowing him to come back and work for her, and she immediately said “NO!”. So, how come this is forgiveness? Shouldn’t it be called acceptance of the murder instead of forgiveness?

Reflection diary – Didactics of dialouge and reconciliation – week 45
By Charlotte, Dana, Ladina and Rebecca

It is difficult to change the whole school system because it is taught in this way for a long decade. Since Lebanon follow a system based on democracy they should deal with this issue and find a solution for it. Also many questions about the religious education came into our minds.