Students at DIDAR investigate and discuss different approaches to dialogue, inclusion, conflict-transformation and reconciliation in their final assignments. They focus on questions about dialogue and reconciliation in schools and in different societies, the interpretation of forgiveness in religious traditions,  the role of religion and religious education in the conflict and conflict resolution, the concept of tolerance in relation to education,  and the inclusion of minorities in public schools.

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Dialogue_reconciliation_classroom With approaches such as reconciliation, dialogue, inclusion and recognition we can conclude that these methods are very useful in order to establish a save including and acknowledging atmosphere in a diverse classroom

Education in Lebanon Schools and universities could advocate for more tolerant attitudes toward different religious groups, the strengthening of common values and a shared sense of national identity that oppose those the Lebanese citizens receive from their sectarian and local cultures

Forgiveness, conflict, religion How can we deal with conflicts and reconciliate conflicts from the religious point? Which position does forgiveness have in different religions? How are the different religions dealing with conflicts and conflict- solution?