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ICEME – Erasmus Intensive Programme

Welcome to the Erasmus Intensive Programme:

Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial Methods in Education (IP ICEME)

The programme is planned in cooperation of seven Teacher Educations in Turkey, Hungary, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark. The partner institutions all belong to an informal network called KASTALIA; which is a network of 15 institutions of teacher education, with a wide spectrum of subject areas. For nearly twenty years the KASTALIA network has been working to promote student- and staff mobility and have now opened up a new phase in our cooperation by bringing our students and teaching staff together in an intensive programme.


The objectives of the IP

The objective of this IP was to prepare, execute and evaluate a two-week seminar on innovative processes in teaching. During the seminar, specific real-life challenges regarding inclusion and multilingualism from the participating countries will be presented to the participants, who will work at finding innovative solutions for the challenges. The objective is that the participants become familiar with innovative processes and that they gain experience in using innovative tools for problem solving.


The course is open for students from the last years of the first cycle (Bachelor degree) as well as Second cycle (Master) students in education. Four students from each partner of the IP may participate.

Participating institutions

  • University College UCC, Denmark
  • Hogeschool – Universiteit Brussel (HUB), Belgium
  • Hogeschool Thomas More, Belgium
  • Debreceni Reformatus Hittudomanyi Egyetem, Hungary
  • Hogeschool Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Dokuz Eylül University, Turkey
  • Montessori College i Dublin, Irland


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