Prototypes week 2

Country Challenges

The Netherlands

Sexual education in multicultural schools

Challenge: How to approach the topic of homosexual discrimination in an multicultural environment?

Prototype: The subtle approach and  Film

Prototype 2_gumball machine_the subtle approach



Many (primary school) students lack Motivation.

Challenge: How to increase motivation in primary education?

Prototype: Support students believes



Process of merging four classes into one group.

Question: How to involve parents in this proces? Support by parents

Prototype: Project description – Denmark

LEAP – take a leap of change

Invitation , Evaluation English , Evaluation Dan


Belgium  – HUB Brussels

If we look today to our classroom and compare it with firfty years ago, a lot has changed, Not only in the big cities as Brusslesm gent andso on, but also in the smaller Towns, we noticed, that the classroom is filled with kidt with another culture, identity or faith: multiculturality in belgium tekst and Multicultural education

Challenge: How to tackle problems brought along by multiculturalism, such as bullying, racism, multilingualism? The Belgian challenge(brussels) multiculturality

Prototype: Method designed for a multicultural classroom: International program ICEME 2014 – teachers guide



Belgium – Thomas More

Many multilingual children are at least one year behind at school.

Challenge: How to integrate learning/teaching Dutch and learning/teaching content?

Prototype: Playgroups and Picturnary




Only 10 percent of students pass the access exam for university. Therefore students take private courses.

Challenge: How to create free and accesible ways to prepare for an exam?

Prototype: Challenge Turkey

A blog where the students can practice on previous exams and can ask for help from other students.



Challenge: How to include travelling communities in education? (ethnic Irish groups with different values, identity, accent ..) Inclusion and the travelling community

Prototype:The easy welcome box:


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