Pretask 2 – National Challenges

ICEME  2014– Pretask 2 – National Challenge.

Pretask 2 is a grouptask. Participating students from every institution are asked to solve the pretask in groups together with the participating teachers.

Step 1:  Find a ‘Real life challenge’ at a school in your neighborhood.

Please make an appointment with a school in your neighborhood. Interview the principal or a teacher. Ask which challenge they are facing in their classroom in relation to inclusion. This can be a challenge related to everyday school life, for example:

– How do I as a teacher create a learning environment where all pupils feel like valued participants?

– Some pupils in my English class don’t participate in class discussions, how do I make these pupils feel safe and interested in speaking out loud in class?

If you have received several challenges, discuss them in your group and choose one of them.

Read more: ICEME 2014_Pretask 2

See the prototypes for solution on page: Prototypes 2

National Challenges


Country Challenge Interview- Hungary




Inclusion and the travelling community



Interview Thomas More Belgium.

Interview HUB Brussels, Belgium



Country challenge – Denmark

Country Challenge Denmark movie


The Netherlands

Country Challenge Netherlands

IP Challenge Netherlands



Country Challenge Turkey – interview


Only 18 years – movie



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