Prototypes week 1

Prototypes for Gelisim School

Improve the communication between teachers and learning from each other

To break down the wall between the departments:

Prototype week 1 – Fleur Nana Edele and Lynn


Improve the communication between teachers and management

Suggestion box





Relief pressure from the teacher’s by students teaching students.

Prototype week 1 – Homeworkclub

Homeworkclub Homeworkclub

Homeworkclub - Paths to school Paths to school

Homeworkclub - Classroom Classroom

Homeworkclub - Relieve pressure Relieve pressure

Team Building: Cultural day and sports day

Involvement of the parents. Sport cultureday


Buddy system

Young students and their parents get support from older pupils and their parents:The buddy system

Buddy System

Motivate teachers to use technology in their lessons

Applying technology starts from the needs or interests of the students. Students could make suggestions to the teachers. Things like apps can be used and tested  in lessons, or outside the school.  Teachers could also use communication platforms to share their knowledge.


DSCN2633  DSCN2641 (1)  DSCN2627



Open school project

Communication between the different partners of the school can be improved by an open school day project.

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