Teachers presentations


Hogeschool – Universiteit Brussel (HUB), Belgium

Mieke Van den Eynde  De Bono def

Lysbeth Jans Ideate – Inspired by Edward de Bono

Hogeschool Thomas More

Ann Wodinsky
Presentations Art Group, Poetry Group and Music group
The music group presents their song

The art group presents 1

The art group presents 2

The poetry group presents

Karen Lavrijsen Ideate_a myriad of ideas and Selecting ideas

Debreceni Reformatus Hittudomanyi Egyetem, Hungary

Attila Kozeghy Motivation and Creativity

Erika Szirmai games

Hogeschool Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Janneke Verloop: Making Groups

Geertje Nijhoving How can we deal with stereotypes and prejudices

Dokuz Eylül University

Burak Karabey: The Turkish school system

Burak Karabey: Creativity Presentation Burak Karabey

Montessori College i Dublin, Irland

Michael O Connor: Maria Montessori

Eamon O’Brian: Izmir 2014 and The day that Albert Einstein most feared


University College UCC, Denmark

Nicolai Andersen: d.school design thinking

d.school StanfordUniversity: The gift-giving project


Lilian Rohde Innovation process – why and Inclusion and Innovation and entrepreneurship education








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