First Group

Moves: Growth

The group sits with their back towards each other. One from the group inhales loudly, and then exhales loudly. When the member exhales, the group begins to rise slowly in three steps. Every breath is a step. The group must be placed with their hard towards the floor, and one knee tucked under their chin, and the other knee in the floor.


The group wanders around with an imaginary camera. They chose focus points around the room to take pictures of. They should make a camera sound that they choose themselves.

Peeing in the ocean – ultimate freedom move

Each person roams the room and takes fast steps while bending their knees slightly. Their head should be facing upwards, as if treading water in an ocean. The arms should make circles at shoulder level. It’s okay to be a little “bouncy”, so that you bend your knees and then stand on your toes.

The dance wave

Make a rolling motion through your body, starting at the chest. The wave/motion should manifest from your chest/shoulders and down to your knees. As the movement begins, your head tilts back and forward. Do the wave three times, and the raise one arm in the air and go: “Whoo”.

Then you repeat the wave three times to the other side. Your feet should always “kinda” point forwards. Repeat the whole thing three times. The last repetition should end in the “Freddy Merquiry”. Stand with your legs stretched – shoulder width apart. One arm hangs along the side of the body while the other one is raised in the air making a fist.

Second Group

Hi, it’s description from our group, perfomance.

1. BALLANCING ON THE Mountain edge: 4 steps foward with hands like a planes wings.

2. Embaressing movment:  Hiding the face with a hand, bending the face to the flour left, counting until 4.

3 . Thinking frustraton: Stretching up and scratching the hear on the head and making grimases with mouth and face

  1. Meditating:  Sun greating. Two steps forward with closed eyes

5. Back in the nature: Streching arms up and making the circle, shaking hands fingers and smiling.


Third Group

Personal experience dance.
Make a Tadasana yoga pose in 4 seconds and then switch to guitar
rocking around
Then you photograph with both hands while going around
the room looking concentrated in 3
Then drive around the block
in you car, using only one hand on the steering wheel.
End the sequens with a trust-fall, and then go back to tadas


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